Yeast Family Tree/most efficient way to propagate yeast

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Sep 1, 2022
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I am currently overbuilding yeast starters to store yeast for the next brew day, and i am hoping to take a single pack out to around 8+ brews for no real reason other than an arbitrary goal. i guess some what to save some money, although the dme cost for lager starters is adding up. and also to save some trips to the LHBS. in any case my current method is as follows and as seen attached image labeled "yeast tree":
  • Add original liquid yeast pack to starter
  • increase cell count via starter
  • split starter in half, set aside half in sterilized mason jar to be used at later date, add other half to step up
  • pitch stepped up starter after cold crash and decant
  • repeat process starting with yeast from mason jar after cold crashing and decanting
Yeast Tree.jpg

I am three brews into this method, and if the yeast calculators are to be believed i am actually increasing the cell count of how much i am storing/pitching each time.
However i am thinking of switching over the method outlined below for convenience:

  • Add original liquid yeast pack to starter
  • separate into 4-5 100b cell mason jars
  • add mason jar to starter+step up to be pitched
  • repeat each for each brew until only one mason jar remains
  • repeat entire process staring from remaining mason jar
Yeast Tree 2.0.jpg

is there any benefit one way or another?