Yeast Comparison: Belle Saison and WLP410

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May 18, 2017
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This summer I've brewed, among other things, a traditional Witbier using White Labs WLP410 yeast and a Saison using Danstar's Belle Saison yeast. These beers shared many of the same ingredients, though not all and not in the same proportions, and both were fermented around the same temp (~68 - 70). Notwithstanding these differences, the flavor results were surprisingly comparable--especially the yeast-derived flavors. Both beers were dry, somewhat peppery and had a faint, lemony tartness.

I'd say that, overall, the yeast flavors in these two beers were very close, the main difference being that Belle Saison produced more of them.

Question: Has anyone else noticed flavor similarities with these two yeasts? I'm curious to hear what other's have found.