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Mar 12, 2012
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Ok. I'm new at washing yeast and I am trying this for the first time. I have been scanning the forms for probably a brain dead answer but I cant seem to find the answer to my question. How much do you need to pitch a new batch. I know most people store the strain in jars. But when it comes to measuring out and using it, what are the guidelines for doing that ? A couple of reference materials I've found say
' 100 billion cells and are enough to pitch directly into 5 US gallons '
But how can you tell your cell count. When you make a starter, will the count go higher than that, and if so, will that effect the beer greatly ? I'm just trying to make sure I do this correct the first time.


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Jan 24, 2011
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Do not worry about cell count when using washed yeast. You are concerned with the amount in milliliters.
Like the previous poster said, you need to become familiar with the Mr. Malty yeast pitching calculator. This will tell you the volume of yeast in milliliters you will need for the beer you are making. You will also need to know the OG, gal of beer you are making, and the harvest date of the yeast you washed. After you input this data, click the "re-pitch from slurry" tab. Now slide the yeast concentration tab all the way to the right towards the "thick yeast" end. You will then see the milliliter quantity of yeast you will need for that beer. If you have a jar of washed yeast in the fridge, look to see how much is settled on the bottom. Estimate how many milliliters you have of only the settled material. Compare this to what you need for your beer. If you have enough, then you are good to go. If you need more, than you need to make a starter to increase your cell count.