Yeast and Priming sugar amounts?

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Jan 14, 2013
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Ok so I'm new here so apologies for re posting this if it already exists. I have an autumn oak ale that is in primary right now, in about 10 or so days I'm going to transfer to secondary over scotch soaked oak chips/cubes combo and dry hop with fuggle and millenium. That will sit for about 2 weeks ( in order to avoid unwanted aromas from hops) and then will be put in a tertiary for another 3 or so months.

My questions is this: I am afraid that by the time bottling comes around, there may not be enough living yeast to ferment the priming sugar. Should I re-yeast at bottling and if so how much yeast should i add for 4.7 oz of dextrose? Any suggestions will help a lot thanks.