Ye Olde Ghetto Lager Freezer

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Sep 28, 2012
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Maybe this is old news. As in olde news. Old maybe so old it's like hwæt!

But desperate to remain married AND cold crash full carboys, I was unable to remove all fresh foods from the fridge to put a carboy in it. The wife did not appreciate my argument that lettuce doesn't grow in a fridge in the field so why play god and insist on putting it in one now. I was all about putting it on the counter.

So, back to the basement I went. I recall how years ago, in a day of great industry in this nation people used actual ice. Ice chopped from lakes in Vermont and shipped under sawdust to places unfit for human habitation. Like Phoenix or Houston. In this horrible wasteland of torturing heat, people still had cold food. At least that's what old people tell me.

If hipsters can bring back acid wash, ankle rolled pants and those stupid rayban sunglasses, I can bring back the ice box.

I took a 5 gallon bucket full of water and a miscellaneous army of other random crap salvaged from my recycle bin and filled them all with water. The goal: keep the freezer at or around 40 for at least 3-4 days to cold crash my beer.

Step one mentioned above.
Step two turn freezer to the "absolute zero" setting. On mine this is setting 8. It goes to 9. Be careful.
Step three, unplug freezer. This is very important. A carboy full of frozen beer is just "crashed" not cold crashed. I did this by accident.
Step four, place beer in freezer and wait 48-72 hours.
Done. Frolic!

It kept things cold for at least 48 hours. Hardly any ice in the 5 gallon bucket was melted either. You can exploit the physics of water in all its glory here people. Exploit and profit.

I don't think you could easily lager beer in this set up, but you can at least keep it reasonably cold for at least a week I bet. I have not tried.