Yay! We're bubbling again! Repitch may take some time...

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Dec 1, 2007
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My first batch had a stuck ferment after about two weeks of very light activity. The gravity had dropped only very slightly and by all accounts from other people it should have done the lion's share of the ferment by the fourth week at most.
Mine still had barely moved.

Well, I tried adding a bit more honey, a bit of apple cider, some energizer and finally, I repitched.

After over a week the only thing that had happened was that the particulate helped to clarify it. It looked really nice! Too bad it was weak as hell. Oh well, I thought, no biggy. I'll just have a very sweet mead. Never mind I was going for dry...

Then today I checked in on it and it was completely cloudy and I've got tons of beautiful tiny bubbles, the airlock is going about once every six seconds or so and the closet smells like wonderful honey with a tiny hint of delicious apples.... Mmmmmm.....

I've learned a thing or two about patience from this that's for sure. I'm finding that even the things that go wrong make me love this hobby even more.

I think I'll start a fourth carboy tomorrow to celebrate! :mug: