yakima magnum hop

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Jan 3, 2005
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Clebland, OH
14 percent aa :D

the hbs guy says. that'll be bitter you know.

i like that i says.

i'll let you know what i think when it cooks up. last time i brewed i had a stuffed nose and i couldn't smell too well, but killed off that little affliction with a bout of rather heavy drinking the next day ;)
i hardley ever get sick, turns out there was a bad moon arisin' and no joke :eek:

anyhoo, the yakima hops smell really good and i think i found a new winner, i loved the columbus hops, these are right up the same alley.

i think i am a hop head, tis a transition from a pot head i think ;)
I'm going to brew up a batch for each hop (at least some of the better-known ones) to get a feel for my favorites and the differences. So far, I know I like cascade and saaz, but my own brewing has been very narrow in terms of variety. It's only a three batch history so far, so...
i love saaz, and i wanna try and grow some in my tomatoe garden... and the hellertaue or however you spell it. german hops are tops in my opinon, but these native or supre brand u.s. vareity like yakima and columbus are starting to piquie my interest :)

i like this yakima hop it smells/tastes great and a bang for your buck imo.
Looks good....so are you using the magnums exclusively through the boil, or just for bittering? Anything else for flavor or aroma?

He's right......regardless of how you use them, it should be bitter! :D I'm going to do my IPA tomorrow using Columbus for bittering, then a buttload of Cascades. Can't wait!

yea i boiled the yakima for the whole hour, then threw in a bit of hallertau for about 30 minutes.
We used a couple ounces of Magnum in a stout recently...a big stout ;) It was great. We were really pleased with them. That was my first experience with them.