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Apr 12, 2005
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Alton, Hants
Hello all,

Was turned to the dark and malty side by my brother over christmas. Brewed a kit of woodforde's wherry and also a great eastern ale (also woodforde's)

Now onto my third kit (cooper's IPA) and, having stumbled across this site, learning more about brewing than I really want to!

Considering buying ingredients and doing it myself next time, although I'm not sure that I'll be able to manage this in my flat.

Cheers all and happy drinking. :D
oh wow - another one from east of the "pond" - it's lonely over here. Haven't seen any other Irish aroud yet at all!
Thanks for the welcomes.

Janx -- Nice to see the Hitchhiker's guide is alive and well -- seen the film yet?

Ken -- not Irish, so I can't help you! My dad lives over in Limavady though. It's lovely part of the world, but haven't really been round Ireland much. Have done the Giant's causeway and had some top quality guinness.
I;ve not done the causway yet - on the todo list for the summer. would recommend kerry/clare/cork if you've not already done them!