wyeast kolsch 2565 and high FG... Maybe

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May 7, 2013
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When I started brewing I went the extract route like most people. All my beers had a high finishing gravity from 1.015-1.022 when most of what I was brewing was supposed to finish between 1.008-1.015. (usually IPA's, Kolsch, or APA's) I have talked to people at the LHBS and nobody seems to have a consistent problem of a missed FG. I have long ago switched to AG and have had no issues with the FG. I decided to brew a Kolsch extract kit from my LHBS because I was short on time and could do it after work. I assumed with my advances in brewing I wouldn't have the same issue as before. I brewed as normal, injected pure O2 into the wort, and pitched two packages of 2565. I didn't have time for a yeast starter but this still gave me the proper pitch rate. It was cooled to 65F then fermented at 60F for a week. The original gravity was 1.046. After 8 days the SG was 1.021 so I bumped the temp to 68 to try and give the yeast a bit more energy. Now its down to 1.016 like many of my other extract batches. It seems to be done but I will let it ride out for another week or so, at this point it has been 14 days. The krausen has not fallen but in my experience it really doesn't with this yeast. Does anybody have any input on what could cause these extract beers to be finishing high aside from not having control over how the manufacturing of the extract?