Wyeast American Ale II

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Oct 19, 2008
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Anyone know what the history is on American Ale II? Where it came from, potential analogue in the White Labs line? Things like that, just for curiosity's sake.
It's the same strain Anchor uses to ferment Liberty and White Labs does offer it under WLP051 California V Ale Yeast. I have used it once and it came out pretty nice, it does have some esters so you will want to keep it cool if you are looking for a really clean american ale.
Nice. I went out tonight to pick up a sixer of the Liberty Ale. It was interesting, because I had my American Ale II starter going, and the Liberty Ale in the fridge. It's really uncanny how much alike the two smelled, all things considered. When I first popped the top to the Liberty, the smell coming out was a dead ringer for what was emanating from my flask.

Regarding flavor, the Liberty Ale is quite good. I was looking for, and found, some of the slight nuttiness and fruitiness. Really a nice brew, especially after it's warmed up a bit.

I'm hoping that goodness comes through in the American Brown I just pitched it into. Then, subsequently, in the IPA I have planned next. If this strain is half as good as I think it might be, then it's a definite keeper.

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