Wyeast 1217 Sluggish Performance - Repitch?

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Dec 27, 2013
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I brewed a clone of Stone's Enjoy By DIPA a week ago today (recipe available here: http://www.bertusbrewery.com/2013/04/ipa-clone-series-stone-enjoy-by-ipa.html), with Wyeast 1217. Unlike folks in other threads, I'm having pretty sluggish performance with it.

I hit the gravity numbers for the recipe (OG w/o corn sugar = 1.077), had no mash issues. Oxygenated for 90 seconds, pitched 1.75L stirplate starter at high krausen (5 gallon batch), reoxygenated 18 hours later for 60 seconds, left it at 64F for 4 days, temped up to 68F at 1.035. I added the corn sugar at high krausen. Hydrometer sample today said 1.024 with plenty of foam left, so it's not done. However, most other folks who've used the yeast has talked about it tearing through the wort in 3-4 days. The yeast was 3 months old, but MrMalty tells me that the 1.75L starter was sufficient.

I top-cropped a fair amount of yeast, so I could potentially make a small starter and re-pitch. Do I need to? I worry that if the yeast is this sluggish now, it's not going to completely dry out without some help.

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