wyeast 1007 or 1010?

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Sep 2, 2013
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Trying to decide between these two yeast for a malty dunkelweizen with out a ton of yeast character (light on the fruitiness, phenol, spiciness and banana)
this is a recipe I have been working up for the beer in mind whose description will follow in the next paragraph

Background: So a few months ago my buddy and I went to a local German pub and had some beers. He ordered a beer that I believe was a wheat beer. It was orangish brown, with medium mouth-feel and very malty/bready. No real hop aroma and to my surprise very subdued yeast character. He told me it was a benediktiner weissbier but I have sense gone back looking for the beer and Benedikinter is more a true bright tangy hefeweizen than the malty bready concoction I am looking to make. I now believe he may have had a Schneider aventinus weissbier Doppelbock which from it's descriptions may better fit the bill.

So I am open to yeast advice, recipe advice and or advice on what german beer you think my friend may have ordered and shared with me that was so delicious.
1010 has a reputation for creating a bit of a tangy finish, which may or may not fit with your goal of a bready malt character.

I'm actually fermenting a wheat beer right now with 1007. Never used it before, but it's supposedly an altbier strain that everyone says creates a very clean profile without significant esters as long as you don't ferment too warm.
1007 fermented properly tastes much like a fruity lager. A little warmer, and can be used as a hefeweizen yeast.
well Then I may go 1007 which I was leaning towards. One part of my brain screams use hefeweizen yeast! but ultimately those qualities are less important to me than the malty qualities of this particular beer so 1007 may be the yeast for me on this one
I have a lot of experience with 1010, for me it finishes quite dry and also pretty clean with maybe a little tartness at the end. According to yeast charts I've seen it's the widmer strain, and if not the same I can see where it's close. I like it a lot in my American wheat and rye beers and it goes well with citrusy hops, but I also don't really care for German style hefes. So just to support your decision I think it might not be what you're after.