Wunderbar Gun for portable use

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Apr 23, 2020
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I posted on an old thread from 2013 about something called the Bar Bandit (). It takes a wunderbar soda gun and allows it to be attached to 2L pop bottles. The CO2 set up is pretty much like that from a kegerator but the concern I am having is trying to figure out how to make the cap set up. From what I have found there is no carbonation cap that comes with a bleeder valve and the video is too blurry to see how he made them.

I have the wunderbar gun and if need be I can just use corney kegs and set it up in the kegerator but I would love to be able to bring this with me/onto the dock.

As a side note, I was wondering if anyone has carbonated rum, vodka, wine, etc as ideally I would prefer to have them in separate bottles and then mix what I want with the bar gun.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Jordan
He appears to sell the plans for $12 on his website. Maybe worth the money? Heck, I'll split it with you. :)
Someone pointed me in the direction of Kegland and they have now made a carbonation Tee piece which would be perfect for the tops so those plans would not be needed to figure out how he did the tops. The down side is they are located in Australia and I am having trouble finding a distributor in Canada or the US that will ship them. Sent an email to them and Williams Brewing in hopes of tracking some down.