would it still be ok?

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Dec 27, 2007
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i have had a brown ale in the bottle for nearly 2 weeks today i tasted it and it was dead set filthy. cant even describe the flavour. i think it is way overcarbonated. gassiness more like a cider although it wasnt refridgerated would it help if i put 1 in the fridge for couple days and try again
thanks guys what should a brown ale taste like ive never really drank one before i got the extract kit for a pressie for christmas
also i know this might sound like a stupid question but when i put them in the fridge is it ok to lay them on the side or is it recommended to stand them up or would laying them down just re mix the sediment from the bottom
Stand em up. If you lay them on their side you will never get a clean pour.
The classic brown ale is NewCastle from New Castle Upon Tyne, England.

Sorry about the capitalization, it is Saturday night here.

Storing bottle conditioned beers vertically is a really good habit to have.