Would it be Easier for me to 'Go Pro' than someone with a restaurant background?

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Jan 5, 2012
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I'm somewhat proud of this video( TW Engineering Promo Video ) my company's marketing department did for me and my guys. For work I run a bunch of commercial office building plants. Pumps, boilers, chillers, heat exchanges, chillers, etc... I've always thought I've got the labor pool and the skill sets, that if I wanted to go pro, I know some guys who would be good 'brewers that have never brewed'... There would be a steep learning curve for packaging and production pipeline, but I look at all these long time homebrewers who are going pro, and the initial costs they are paying these turnkey companies, and it's just crazy. They all kind of follow the same formula and work with the same vendors. Brewers that have opened up in the past decadeish in MOCO maryland might recognize me as the inquisitive termite that comes out of the woodwork to ask a bunch of questions during your early stages of opening. I'm too timid to be an entrepreneur, but if if I wasn't. I think I could make the transition to Pro with a fraction of the initial setup costs or operating expenses. Small operations, I could do everything myself, larger ones I know some guys who could help me for way way cheaper than industry standard...

Anyway, I'm White shirt guy in this video. I'm probably not going to quit my job, and mostly I'm just hunting for video hits. But if you've opened a brewery near where I live in recent years and I've assaulted you with questions during your early stages of preopening, this basically sums up who I am and where I'm coming from. Mike Jewel; Licensed Engineer, qualified electrician, plumber, HVAC mechanic, building automation and controls expert, and passionate homebrewer. This video has been bad for my ego... And, ultimately I'm still too cowardly to put my toe in the water of probrewing, but if anyone wanted to push me wink wink... I also would love to connect with more brewing related folks on like Linkedin... I'll also probably be at hombrewcon in sandiego this year in case anyone want's to connect and grab a beer.

Unrelated, I'm also the stupid idiot from the Mr. Beer Goes horribly wrong video from youtube many years ago...

Anyway... Cheers to Self promotion! :mug: