Would I Notice Harmful Bacteria in Fermented Liquids by Taste, Smell

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Jul 2, 2021
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I've been trying out home brewing for a while and had some good result with bottle fermentation. To better control the fermentation process, I wanted to go bigger this time and let the fermentation process finish before bottling with some priming sugar.
So I made a fresh ginger bug and then started a big batch (31 liters) in aplastic fermenting bucket. I haven't added any commercial yeasts, just the home-made ginger bug. I'm using a fermentation lock and the fermentation bucket should be sealed air tight. This liquid has been sitting in my kitchen at room temperature for roughly 6 Months now and has just now stopped to produce CO2. Since it's been sitting there for that long I'm a bit concerned about nasty stuff, including botulism. Should I worry? Would I notice by smell or taste if anything were wrong with my ginger beer?

Thanks for your input :D


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Mar 10, 2021
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Would I notice by smell or taste if anything were wrong with my ginger beer?
No, I'd think it unlikely you'd know by smell or taste if it has something that is going to put in that long forever sleep.

Just read up on what they say to look for. If it tastes bad, spit it out and throw it out. Doubtful that you brewed anything that's going to kill you though.

Why wouldn't you put yeast in it and make ginger beer? Then by controlling when the fermentation starts you make it even less likely bad stuff will take over.

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