words of whit?

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Jun 9, 2005
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Bloomington, Indiana
Yo so I want to make some belgian whit, cause damn. It's the bomb. The problem is, I don't have a quality recipe for it. I'm goin for the coriander/orange peel vibe, so if anyone has a recipe that they enjoy, I'd really appreciate a reply. :cool:
Mar 2, 2005
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Columbus, MS.
This one has yet to be bottled / drank so I can't vouch for final taste but it fits the description you are looking for. This thing was in primary for 13 days and I finally moved it to secondary although it was still bubbling every 10 seconds!!! 25 days since brew day now and it still shows signs of active fermentation. I may bottle it in another week.

--6# extra light DME
--3# Honey
used Burlesons brand clover honey
--0.5# carapils grains
--2oz Hallertauer (5.2% aa)
--1.74oz coriander seed - ground just prior to brew day
called for 2 oz but this was conveniently the ammount in two jars purchased from Wal-Mart.
--1.4oz fresh grated orange peel
called for 1 oz but this was one orange worth.
--White Labs WLP550 Belgian Ale

--5.5gal - steep carapils @ 155 for 45 min
--1gal sparge of grains @ 170f => 6.5 gal initial volume for boil
--DME, honey and 1oz hops for 1 hour.
--1/2 of coriander and 0.5oz hops 10 mins
--Remaining coriander and orange peel for 3 mins
--Remaining hops for 2 mins
--Cooled to 70f for pitch
--1.067 OG

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