WLP073 Artisanal Country Ale - Bière de Garde strain

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Aug 16, 2017
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WLP073 is a current seasonal release from White Labs having been put in the Vault in 2017. I thought I'd start a thread to encourage a centralised discussion as there seems to be nothing about it on the web.

Sounds nice : "It produces slight esters and mild phenols, while preserving the sweet aromatics from the malt bill. This strain fully attenuates, leaving the beer with a crisp, dry finish."

It comes up as a positive in PCR tests for STA1 (the "diastaticus gene") but quoted attenuation is only 75-80%, so maybe not active? Medium to low flocculation, 8-12% ABV tolerance, optimum temperature 70-82F (21-28C).

Don't know why they have two saisony strains as seasonals in winter, but none in summer - someone's not really thought that one through.


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Jun 21, 2016
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Has anyone used this strain at all?

I bought some last fall when they were releasing everything out of the Vault. It expired in November but I revived a vile with a two step starter and honestly the first step kicked off pretty quickly.

I was attempting a hoppy/dry/bitter saison/BDG type of beer. Lots of the noble style American hops, etc. pretty hard water profile.

Grist was 2 Row, 40% Malted Wheat. Did a four step mash 126/145/162/172. OG was 1.042.

Pitched at 68 and set temp to 72. After 2 days went to 74, then 76.

Day 5 and it hit 1.004 from 1.042. It’s pretty close to done I think. Still bubbling a bit. Final pH is 4.09.

Not really picking up any phenols or esters to speak of.

Seems like a relatively clean diastaticus yeast which is interesting.

Just wondering if anyone else has used it. Hard to find much info out there on it.


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Mar 27, 2020
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Colorado Springs, CO
I have never tried a Saison. Maybe it's time to go there. Looks like this yeast can handle higher temps.

And I have a bunch of Strisselspalt hops in the freezer as well.