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Oct 23, 2008
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I have a couple of ciders under my belt, so I thought I would try a wine. Had a plan to start with and then improvised along the way.

Started with several pounds (4-5?) of red and white seedless grapes. After crushing with a potato masher I had maybe 1.5 quarts of juice. I decided that that was too much work so I added a can of Welchs concord grape concentrate to that juice and then a mixture of table sugar and water until I had about a gallon and a half of liquid. To that I added juice of half a lemon followed by a quart of fresh crushed blueberries in a nylon bag.

SG was about 1.100 and used Red Star champagne yeast.

My thought process was that the lemon would add acid and the blueberries would provide some tannin, acid, and of course more sugar.

Obviously I was shooting from the hip on this one. What I want to know is should I do anything specific during secondary fermentation? Was thinking of adding oak chips and wondering if may need more acid.