Win this Glass (Minus the Beer) and More - Open to ALL!

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The NHC starts today and I'm bummed I didn't get to go.
In order to help celebrate the first day, and to make the next couple of days a little better for those of us who didn't get to go I offer you the HomeBrewTalk Swag Giveaway. This giveaway is open to all, so I would like you all to participate.
Up for grabs is an HomeBrewTalk swag kit. That includes a HomeBrewTalk Pint Glass,

two HomeBrewTalk decals,

and one year of supporting membership! (Not really a cool image for that)
Follow this link now for complete rules of entry and to get entered .
This is a short run contest,so you only have till Sunday to get entered. Enter now. As previously stated, this contest is open to all!
Hope you guys have a great weekend. If you're at the Conference try to find our guys (and girl) on the floor. They will be wearing HomeBrewTalk badges. They have some swag to handout, and ages of brewing knowledge. I suggest you try to get both.
Just took the survey, have a lot of yard work to do this summer, looking for a recipe to use strawberries in for my next brew this month.