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Mr.BagFace - You have made one of these for the Mash and Boil unit to replace the grain tube/basket (?), correct? Could you post or PM the cost of a bag for that application? Thanks : )

I mostly brew 1-2.5 gallon batches and the basket is not ideal for that little of volume.
Standard pricing less any discount would apply for a bag or package for the Mash and Boil unit.

Bag only would be $24.80 shipped w/ discount (reg price $27.00 shipped)
Website below

Such an endearing term btw, Mr.Bag.Face - Thx

Thanks : )

You got some recommendations by yours truly on the M&B Facebook page, so hopefully some people come through. While I do not have one of your bags (yet), I certainly can appreciate the work you do. This is on my list of things to buy in the near future when I stop dithering around :)

Bag only is $22 less 10% sale total $$19.80 plus $5 shipping.
$24.80 total

If you want a package w/ pulley take 10% off merchandise and add the $5 shipping.
Please also provide shipping address.
Pm sent w Venmo #

Are you still doing this deal? I’m wanting a grand slam with the best pulley system for a keggle.