Will this PID controller work?

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Feb 15, 2008
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So I have $30 left on my PAYPAL account and I wanted to get a PID controller. Im changing my build around and I only need this controller to control a 120v 2000W element in my panel.

This Controller has Manual Mode / and SSR output but I wanted to make sure that its not junk. Anyone bought this thing and used it before?

Would I be better off to just buy a cheaper REX-C100 instead?

Edit: search started to work ( for some reason its iffy when i use my phone to search)

This is the MyPIN TD4 .. ive read a little about it here.. i think it will suit my needs just fine. I want to have this PID control 2 elements (120v 1650W) on 2 separate circuits.

I think they will do the job for 8.2g BIAB water and ~7-7.5g boil volume.

i have a 15a GFCI circuit outside (that one will be hooked to) and Inside my gragae is a 20a circuit (where the panel will be hooked up to along with second element)

Hopefully the 20a will be sufficient to power the element, 1 pump (maybe if i decide to get one), and PID

Anyone have any advice please chime in.