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Oct 9, 2012
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First of all: First time poster, long time reader. Love the knowledge on this forum.

So here's the deal. I brewed my first 5 gal all grain batch this weekend as I just purchased a 6 gal better bottle. To this point, for almost a year now, I've been brewing 2.5 gal batches in Mr beer fermenters. I was sick of only brewing 20 beers for all the effort so I stepped things up. Anyways...I decided for my first 5 gal batch to brew a Belgian Tripel, naturally a HUGE beer.

So brew day went well. Mash was good, so was boil but here's the rub...I decided to use WL500 and made a starter, but only made it at 9:00 pm the night before. With only 16 hrs to work, obviously my starter wasn't churning yet. I honestly didn't know the Trappist yeast was so slow to start working. So...there I am with 5.5 gal of wort that I can't pitch yet. I decided to go ahead and transfer the wort to the sanitized better bottle and put a fermenter cap on it.

Here's where it gets funky (maybe literally). So having the wort transferred, I stored it in my brew closet and went on with life until the starter would get ready. The next morning (approx 10 am) I peeked at the fermenter for the heck of it and things looked fine but I decided to exchange the fermenter cap and put on my stopper and airlock (without liquid) because I didn't want anything contaminating the beer. Keep in mind, the wort looked normal and all of the trub had settled to the bottom.

At approx 8:30 pm (28 hrs after transferring cooled wort to the fermenter), I was ready to pitch my yeast starter. I go to get the wort and it looks as if the trub is now on top of the beer and even looks as if there is a krausen layer. I took a hydrometer reading and there wasn't any difference in OG, also it still tasted fine. So the apparent factors weren't there but it was still crazy.

So, if anything like this has ever happened to you, let me know. I'm totally curious. I'm wondering if because I brew in the same closet every time, there's yeast particles floating around that somehow made it in the unpitched yeast.

Either way, after pitching the starter the WL500 went to TOWN!

Happy brewing