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Jun 11, 2007
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
How is this for a wild extract recipe. Just read it on a homebrew kit review site. All these ingredient fermenting away at 30c - pretty wild stuff:

Tried to make a strong Imperial style stout. Brewed Irish Stout kit with 1 can of Coopers DME, 1 can of Coopers India Pale Ale kit, 250gm of roasted barley, 250gm of organic cacao, 200gm of good freeze dried ethiopian coffee, 100gm of oatmeal, 200gm of chocolate malt, 250gm of lactose and 200gm of maple syrup. Fermented out at close to 30C for 12 days. Krausen exploded from out of the airlock and sprayed walls, but well worth the mess. This is not a brew for the faint hearted, around 8-9% ABV and a very bitter finish, but the most copmplex, richest and best tasting brew I have brewed in the last couple of years.
I have this mental image of you in a labcoat with glasses holding a hydrometer in a room with the fermenter, and you and the room are all covered in krausen while you scream "ITS ALIVE MUAHAHA ITS ALIVE!!" :D

grats on the beer, sounds awesome!