Wierd Guinness Faucet/Shank Issue

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Aug 11, 2009
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LA County
I found and purchased this guinness faucet/tap thinking from the picture I could probly fit a beer nut on the end...no luck...I am going to check out threading of some bolts at the hardware store to see if any of them match...does anyone have a clue as to how I can use this. It is seamingly the faucet with the shank already attached but I really have no clue. No the threads aree part of the faucet so they wont unscrew. If you wondering...the threads are smaller than the size of a beer nut





I've got the same issue. I do know this is a British/European commercial faucet (bought it on eBay for $20, with shipping). I haven't had the chance to take it in to HD to check for the shank thread size.

Is there anyone who's got info on how to disassemble/clean this thing? That's what I'm most interested in.
I have actually stumbled on someone overseas with more information because he has the same one. it was part of a system almost like a light up beer display that would mount on a bar and had a tap faucet coming out of it.

It uses almost similar to the stainless steel tubing some online sources sell here in the states that pushes into the tail hole. The Plastic piece is what holds it in tight against the rubber o-ring you'll find if you carefully take the plastic "coupler" out. the stainless steel tube is like a 8 or 10 mm OD. The ID of the plastic piece is 8 mm and the brass hole ID is 10 MM. I havent made it to the store yet to figure out the mounting situation but am in communication with this helpful brit who might be able to tell me the size of the threading so I can actually mount it.

I usually have been told that soaking the faucet/valve in pbw can help get those hard to reach spots but a faucet/shank brush would probably help.

As you have probably figured out so far the faucet spout tip screws off and so does the valve closure mechanism. I would probably only soak the main faucet valve and just gently get all the plastic and rubber parts by hand. As was told when I purchased it is stainless steel and the pbw shouldn't hurt it...it doesn't seem very magnetic so I think that information is accurate.

I will post more information when I hear more from our new friend who can help us pour stout sooner.