Who's Brewing For Big Brew 2021?!

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Mar 13, 2021
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Sparks, NV
Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all planning to fill some fermenters this Saturday for the AHA's annual Big Brew! We'll be brewing up some Janet's Brown Ale with Jamil and Heretic Brewing, as well as a cool collabo that Heretic and True Symmetry did in Tasty's honor called Tasty IPA, scaled down to a 5 gallon batch, of course.

To celebrate Big Brew 2021, we've got all of our Recipe Kits 20% OFF through Big Brew Day with code 'BigBrew' at checkout.

We figure, why be limited if you really want to brew a blonde or a Belgian on Big Brew, right? As long as you're brewing!! I threw a couple links in here for easy navigation! All orders under $59 will get $9.99 Flat Rate (some restrictions apply), orders over $59 and under 49 lbs Ship Free. Liquid Yeast is automatically separated from the rest of the order and sent 2 Day Air to all 50 states to ensure freshness!

Brew On!!
Big Brew Recipe Kits
Janet's Brown and Tasty IPA Kits