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Feb 28, 2014
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I'm having problems with my fridge.......... a large side by side GE........ again. Basically poor engineering, which has been an issue with every fridge I've owned. Crisper drawers make things crisp alright..... by freezing them. Thermostats take wild excursions...... I've replaced this one once, to no good effect. I could design a better unit if I were deaf. dumb, blind, and illiterate!!! with one hand tied behind my back! "Energy saver", means too small a compressor for the job. I seem to have a choice between 32F and 45F.
As I keep two 1.75 gallon Corny kegs on the top shelf...... where most people keep milk and OJ, I opt for 32.

I just blew a keg of APA, at about 6%. I'd noticed that it seemed a bit strong, though it tasted fine. I popped the top and found ice!! No wonder it seemed a bit strong!!