who uses norther brewer extract?

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Apr 12, 2007
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State College Pa
What are the opinion's out there on Northern Brewers Extract's? I have used all kinds of extracts in different brews, alexanders, john bull, M&F dme, northern brewers (gold).
I am normally of the belief that light bland extract be used for simply for achieving og and specialty grains to achieve color, body, flavor etc.
Northern Brewers malts (other then pilsen) are made with small amounts of non base malts to create a base that less specialty malts are need. For example gold is pale malt with carapils, amber I believe way have some munich in it.
I have been looking around at saison recipes lately, and NBr's calls for there gold malt. I would be inclined to use Pilsen, and add my own cara pils if necessary.
Does anyone has experience of opinions on Northern Brewer's malts? I should also add I do partial mash, so I can use grains that do not convert themselves.
The nice this about Northern Brewers extract's is they are cheaper then alexanders and others.
NB's extract is, to the best of my knowledge, Briess extract repackaged. When you buy it by the drum, you can get a really good bulk price. :D

I use them all the time. Good stuff! Both the Gold and Pilsen Light use a proportion of CaraPils in the extract grist, presumably to enhance body and foam retention.

I have thought about buying those bulk "jerrycan" size extract from nb. Wondered about freshness though... If they are used over the span of month's...do they need to be chilled, frozen?

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