white stuff on top after bottling!

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Oct 19, 2007
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i made a straight cider with just yeast and cider with no added sugar. it cleared beautifully and i bottled it in half gallon jugs. 4 days later there is white stuff on top! there wasn't anything on top when i racked it; whats the deal? everything was sanitized.

White stuff like floaties? Or white stuff like a film? Do you have a picture you could take?

How many times did you rack it before you bottled, and were you careful to leave all the lees behind when you racked it?
its a film in one bottle and spots in the other. might be able to get a pic later. i racked it 3 times to make sure that i didnt get any crud in the final stage. it was crystal clear when i bottled.
White film on Beer is typically Mold. Double check your cleaning and sanitizing methods.

But, on the upside. It usually does not impart any bad flavors in beer, so I'd suspect it would do the same for Cider. although it may look unappealing.
Crap! I have never had a sanitation problem before. Hopefully its still drinkable. I hope it doesnt happen to the 5 gallons of Edworts that i have yet to bottle!
If its only appeared in a few jugs, then I'd suspect that something was allready in the bottle. Did you sanitize the caps?

Just back track and make sure your Racking arm is clean (make sure it doesn't have cracks in it) and pick up some new hoses. Bleach is a wonderful way to totally destroy living organisms. So you may want to do a wash cycle of all your transfer gear prior to the next racking. Just remember to rinse thoroughly after the bleach and then sanitize with your regular stuff.