which yeast would be best?

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Nov 24, 2005
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Newport News, VA
Hope this is the right section for this thread. Anyway I'm doing an extract kit tomorrow, little super bowl warm up. Its a Hop Head Double IPA, comes with 9.3 lbs of Gold Liquid Malt, 4oz Aromatic, 12oz Caramel 60L, 8oz Victory specialty grains, 1oz each of Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, and Crystal Hops, and another 2 ounces cascade for dry hopping. Anyway I just got the muntons yeast cause I wasnt really thinking about it, however I also have a pack of nottingham, a pack of safbrew s-33, and a pack of safbrew t-58.

1. So the question is which would be the best yeast to use for this beer?
2. Also I'd like to get the max ABV I can out of it, would that be around 7%, guess based on the tastybrew calculator I used?

Well, nottingham has a good reputation for being nice and clean, fast, highly flocculant, and giving good attenuation. I've had nothing but good luck with it, and I know there are plenty of others who swear by it.

Nottingham would be my pick out of what you've got. I have never used Munton's yeast, doesn't seem to be incredibly popular and given the low price of the offerings from Danstar and Safale as competitors, I don't see much reason to try it. I think T-58 is more for saisons or wits, doesn't really sound like you'd want to use it in an IPA... I'm not familiar with S-33, but from what little info I just found on it it may not be quite as neutral, not sure if that's what you're going for or not?
I'm currently drinking a pint of my 7% Interceptor IPA... 1oz warrior, 2oz simcoe, 4oz cascade. Nottinghams worked great, as usual!! It ferments quick, dry, and drops out of the beer nicely to give you a super clear and clean brew. It dropped from 1.065 down to 1.012, 81% attenuation!! No funky off flavors...just let the hops shine!
Use Nottingham. Muntons is best when you want high residuals, such as a London Brown.
I had to put it off til Tue or later now anyway didnt finish up with other things in time. Might try and make it to the local HBS before I brew any suggestions of a yeast to buy if I feel so inclined?
One more vote for Nottingham. I use it for my IPA, and now for just about every ale that doesn't need a specific liquid yeast for the style.

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