Which tastes better?

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Bulls Beers

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Sep 15, 2007
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From your bottle or from your keg? I just started kegging my own beer. I've been pulling pints over the last couple of days and I have to say WOW!! I have one tasty beer flowing. This is probably my 8th or 9th homebrew and every other batch there was always something alittle off. Not this Batch. Is it better from the keg or did I finally make a batch of beer without and issues? DAMN!! I'm gonna get a major buzz during the Patriots game Saturday...
I definitely like it better out of the keg. I dont know if it is somehow better because of that, or if I have just become a better brewer since kegging, but my keg beers are fantastic.

Certain beers like Russian Imperial Stouts, Imperial IPA's, Specialty Beers, Old Ales, etc...seem to deserve they be individually bottled.

I keg 98% of my beer. I also bottle a 12 pack or more from each keg to preserve for later on down the road.

There's nothing like drawing a pint of an easy drinking ale. The taste is fantastic.

These "special" beers though??? They seem to taste better with the ritual of picking out the bottle, grabbing the openner, popping that cap and pouring a nice glass.

I have seven taps flowing and still love to open a bottle of my "reserve" every now and again.