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Mar 1, 2009
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Athens, Texas
I have been homebrewing for about a year now, so when the most beautiful women in the world agreed to marry me, I knew that I would be brewing something special for the wedding. Based on our religious views, we decided to have a handfasting ceremony (an old pagan tradition) instead of a church wedding. After that decision, I knew just what to brew: mead. I wanted to mix honey from Florida (my home state) and Texas (our adopted home) for this celebratory occasion.

Heres the problem, we decided to elope. We are getting married in 2 weeks so I don't have time to brew it myself. Does anyone know where in Texas I can buy Mead or where on the internet I can order it?

Timing is of the essence and your help is greatly appreciated!
Most meaderies will ship direct. This place carries a few:


search for mead.

B Nektar makes sweeter meads, Redstone makes lighter and drier meads.

Don't know about Texas but I can get 15 or so meads in Kansas City at well stocked liquor stores.
I also live in Texas and haven't really found a great selection of mead anywhere. That said, we do get Redstone in Texas which has some OK meads - all on the sweet side, but still OK. They are distributed in Texas by Duff Beer and Wine from Houston. The website may have a number you can call to find out where you can get Redstone in your area.
The World Market sells mead. Dont know where at in TX you are but I have lived in a few places there so I know they have the World Market there. I would just call first.
Would it be permissable to donate to the cause. If someone new where you were going to be, could they drop by to share a bottle or two or....

Just a question