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Dec 30, 2007
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When i invest in an actual kit ( currently have Mr. Beer ) could i work my magic in the kitchen? or must this be done in a garage or basement. neither of which I have right now.
I do partial boils in my kitchen with no problem. I use a 4 gallon stainless steel pot.

If you are trying to do full boils (5 gallons) it may be difficult and unwieldy to do it in a kitchen. however, I am sure it could be done.
Hey Will,
You can easily do extract or partial mash in the kitchen. I do most of my brewing this way until I get all of my AG gear.
for the Mr.Beer setup, the kitchen is where it's at.

for larger 5 gal. batches, your conventional stove-top isn't going to cut it, most guys use a propane burner and FLAMES!!

i'd think it's safe to say, outdoors is where the boiling should take place (esp if you are using gas to bring your mix to a boil) everything else is prob best off in the garage, or basement...

personal preference with safety in mind.
I brew completely inside in my kitchen. There are a couple of pictures in my gallery. I do have a fantastic stove that can easily boil 6.5 gallons, though.

For any beginner, though, your kitchen is adequate. You may want to continue to do that. There are plenty of experienced brewers who only use their kitchens, and have no desire or need to go "bigger and better". I'm a little obsessed, though, so I'm always thinking about somehow getting more stuff!
I did my first AG batch last weekend in my Kitchen and Shhh........ But I boiled on my Balcony Even though Im not Supposed to but I could of done it in my kitchen I had 0 Problems!
i do all my mashing in my kitchen, including water heating on gas stove. i boil outside my kitchen door on the patio. when i do partial extract boils i use the stove excusively.
YooperBrew, I just wanted to say your dog is awesome looking. I guess i'm partial though becuase mine looks identical. Same black face.
Unfortunately though he's on his way doggie heaven shortly. he is 12 years old and is literally on his last legs. BEST DOG I'VE EVER HAD.

didn't mean to change the subject. I guess I will just give it a try when i purchase my kit, Mr. Beer is fine for now. can't wait to try my Pale Ale, hopefully its good.
Oh, my dog just died in October. She was 14 1/2, though, and a great companion.

Anyway, I wouldn't think a camping stove would work. You need a decent amount of BTUs plus, a full boil of wort starts at about 6.25 gallons of more, which is HEAVY. A turkey fryer is as small as I'd go.
RJRobb2 said:
Does the small propane camping stoves do a good job of boiling 5+ gallons/ has anyone tried it?

I have never used one but I can't Imagine them getting Hot enough I have a 160,000 BTU Turkey Fryer and it takes about 35 mins to get 7 gallons rolling, You should Look into what the Out Put is on them.
The first thing I would do is see what your stove can handle. Get a big pot and put 6.5 gallons in it and see if you can get a boil.

I know mine can't. It tops out at about 4 gallons for a rolling boil. But thankfully, when I get home today I should have package from the UPS man waiting for me with a Banjo Cooker in it!
i've been brewing All-Grain in my small apartment kitchen lately...just takes a little creativity. Anything is possible with some imagination and the right equipment!