Where can I find a keg?

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Oct 19, 2007
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I went to the local scrap yard (north Idaho) to get a 15.5 stainless keg. They just CRUSHED THE LAST ONE!! I emailed several more scrap yards in another part of the state. They said breweries own all of the kegs and they have none.

Where can I get a keg to create a large kettle? I just built a mash tun and am ready to do my first all grain brew.

Can anyone help?
Try contacting local breweries and ask if they are getting rid of any. They may not be right now, but may have a "waiting list".
Check with the local beer distributor for non returnable kegs from foriegn breweries or ones that have gone out of buisness, may only have the old side bung sankey or golden gate style kegs.
The last keg I got just by asking a beer distributor driver how I can purchase a keg, he gave me one free. Shop around as there's a wide variation in prices and some brew suppliers are way overpriced. Check ebay but be careful as shipping can be high. I paid $10 and $15 for the other two 15.5 gallon and had two 7.5 gallon given too me. Haven't fiqured out a use for 7.5 gallon kegs.