When vacuum sealing yeast, will the yeast get sucked into the pump?

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Sep 5, 2017
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Hong Kong
I bought a 500 g brick of US-05 from a brewer acquaintance, and want to split it up into 10-20 smaller vacuum sealed bags so I only open each bag a few times and introduce less moisture and contamination. Plus, smaller bags can quickly come up to room temperature before I open them, preventing condensation (which would cause a "false rehydration" and reduce viability).

My vacuum sealer looks a lot like the Food Saver. It has a gasket that presses over the bag top and will try to let air get sucked out, but not solids. Will the yeast's texture make it stick together, or will it flow out with the air and possibly clog the motor?
I have not tried this with yeast, but I do seal hops, grain and food products. I put anything that might migrate in another bag inside the vacuum bag. Fold the inner bag, insert folded side down into the vacuum bag, vacuum and seal as usual. Don't use ziplocs.

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