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Jan 7, 2008
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As I am fairly new to the beer brewing world, I have what may be a fairly fundamental, or seemingly dumb, question ... after the wort has been prepared, and you chill it and transfer it to the carboy to begin the fermentation process, is it absolutely necessary to add the yeast right away, or is it ok to wait a day or two in the event that your local supplier forgot to provide you with the yeast when you picked up the kit and you didn't check and it's Sunday night in the middle of the brew making process when you realize that you have no yeast? Thanx for any help with this question.

You want to buy and pitch that yeast ASAP. Get some yeast, I don't care what it is and get it in there. Not to scare you or anything, as cheezydemon says it'll probably be fine but your wort is in a critical phase as it is food for whatever can get a foothold in there. As homebrewers, we want to make sure that it is the yeast that is getting the foothold.

Again welcome....also for future reference there is an entire forum dedicated to beginner questions.
Another reason to make a starter. You will know if you have yeast prior to brewing. As they stated you will most likely be fine and again get the yeast into the brew as soon as possible.