Wheat Mashing in a Jug Cooler...Resting easy? Y/N?

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Apr 29, 2010
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Boston, Ma
My friend and I have made maybe 8 or 10 AG batches at 2.5 gallons using the Beerformulator tool. They have all worked well and seem to taste just fine. Except one... the first recipe I tried was a wheat beer and I came out cloudy, which is OK for wheat, but this type of Cloudy was detrimental. Not to mention it tasted like Pineapple juice, maybe thats you're bag but not what I was after.
We made another wheat and it came out much better.
We want to try again to have some sort of summer wheat in the pipeline for summer, duh, and I want it to go perfectly so I want to try a multi step rest mash schedule but I know neither how or if I even can with my setup.
We use one of those jug style coolers to mash in and it works really well and hold the temp nicely. Our filter is toilet supply braided hose, also works very well. I thought the thing would never work in a million years but I am very happy with it. The only thing is if I want to bump up the temp from around 120 for protein to 160 or 170 for the rest of the process I don't know how....
Do I drain it into my kettle and heat it and then add it back with the rest of the water? How do I account for it in my volume when mashing? Do i need Rice Hulls? All sorts of questions come up and the more I read the more questions I have. I'm looking for a step by step if anyone cares to take the time to provide me one I'd be really thankful.... I can include my recipe too.