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Oct 15, 2007
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I have been reviewing other peoples recipies on Wheat beers, most of them keg unfortunatly this is something I am unable to do in my confined space. So the question I have is when should I bottle. Should I even bother racking it to a secondary before I bottle. This is a question that is weighing on my mind.
No need to secondary for a wheat beer. Just make sure your fermentation is over and you got to your final gravity.
For true Hef style do as AdIn stated wait about a week or so and take gravity readings a couple days in a row to be sure fermentation is complete and go to bottles. If you need to free up your primary you can go to secondary, the length of time you let it sit there is up to you, just realize it is going to get clearer the longer it is there.
I go two weeks in primary and bottle from there. The secondary is basically just for clearing and clarity is not an issue with wheat beers.
Right thanks I was just unsure if anyone lets it clarify a bit first.

Again thanks for the clarification :mug:
Secondary improves clarity and can remove imparted flavors from trub. Although some contend that this is unecessary, it can improve the results to some degree. If you plan to add flavoring to the beer like fruit puree or wood or such, then I recommend a definate secondary fermentor. Some swear by secondaries others swear by just primaries. To each their own. As long as the beer has completed fermentation then you have nothing to worry about and do as you wish.

Most importantly RDWHAHB!

- WW
I've done primaries only, secondaries, extended primaries, etc., but it really comes down to when is the beer ready?

The answer is when the FG is where it should be.

If you do only a primary the beer will be really cloudy.

A secondary it'll be more clear. It'll also help in mellowing and aging the brew a bit. The good part about this is if the beer is too clear you can rouse up some of the yeast from the bottom of the secondary to make it only slightly cloudy.