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Jan 27, 2009
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Not much too it. Just posting photos of our brew day. We are in limbo at J&A Brewery with our setup. We just purchased 2 new Blichmann Burners from HopDawgs (www.hopdawgs.ca) out in BC and are still in the process of setting up a permanent 3 tier system. Our old 3 tier system was custom made to our previous burners so is no longer in use.

Our efficiency was not as good as we hoped with the American Wheat but will still turn out nicely and there are a few tweaks I know where to correct. We threw in some maple syrup for good measure, what good Canadians we are ;).

We are currently running the one pump through the plate chiller with a thermometer which reads a temp of instant 72 farenheit when crashing. We have definitely found the summer water to be a bit more difficult to control than the winter water which crashes easily on full blast at 62-66F.

We are still working the barley crusher at .30 and has worked out great so far for us. No more corona mill for this guy :rockin:.

I used to make dog treats with our spent grains but the price of peanut butter has gone up so it now goes to supplement our chicken feed which should last through the winter. The can't get enough of it.






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