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Oct 8, 2006
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San Diego
I am bottling my first AG Wheat beer done on my HERMS system. I took a sample ad it is Good, but it is vary clear. I guess i should not have recirculated it for as long as I did? Any advice on Wheat beers on a HERMS?

I think my Recipe was some thing like

6lb White Wheat
7Lb MO
1LB 20L Crystal
1Lb Rice Hull

May be I should Use Less Rice Hulls?
what yeast?

if you didn't use a hefeweizen yeast, you shouldn't expect it to be real cloudy.
what do you mean recirculating? are you talking about the vorlauf?

that yeast is probably less cloudy than the wlp300 (german hefe) but should still be pretty cloudy.

did you use a secondary or any irish moss? how long has it been in the fermentation vessels?
I was recirculating the Mash through the heat exchanger during the mash, and mash out before the Sparge. Then I fly sparged for 45min, 90min boil with 1-1/2Tbs of Irish moss at the last 15 min of the boil. I had it in the Primary for One week, and secondary for three.

I don't know Know that I Looking at the last 6OZ from the bottom of the bottling bucket It looks good. Its got a Definite haze. I guess I only took a small sample. I'M going to wait till i crack a Bottle, and see if the Haze is good.