Whats this white stuff?

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Mar 15, 2009
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I brewed a Mac and Jack's Africian amber clone about 3 weeks ago. Tranfered it to secondary almost 2 weeks ago and now when I look at it, I see tiny ....and I mean tiny white flakes floating in suspension. I've been brewing for about a year now and never noticed anything floating like this.

Anything to worry about?

I've heard of cold crashing. Could I take the tempature down a couple of days prior to bottling and see if it settles out?

Bottle it and don't worry?

I'm traveling to San Diego for two months next week and have to bottle this weekend, so I can enjoy upon my return. I would rather not chew my beer however. Any help would be appreciated.
Pictures might help.

Cold crashing will drop most of the yeast out of suspension, and maybe the flakes (whatever they are) will drop out too. I'm not sure what white flakes would be.
unfortunatly I have no way to post pic's. They are so small, I don't think they would show with any camera that I have.

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