What's my OG: 1.094 or 1.086?

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Dec 8, 2008
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Oakland, California
I took a reading the other night after just after I pitched. I got a reading of 1.094. I had just poured in the wort, added about a quart of water, and didn't really mix it. I thought the reading was high. There was a lot of sediment in my hydrometer tube and I'm wondering if that offset it?

The next day, the fermentation hadn't yet kicked in and I took another reading. I shook the hell out of the carboy to mix it up, hoping to mix the water and wort. I took a reading and got 1.086. Again, this was after I had shook everything and so sediment was in the hydro tube probably, but more cloudy, not particulates.

Anyone with skillls out there tell me what my real OG probably is and/or what steps to take to get a good reading in the first place?

Don't know if this helps, but here's this info:

7 lbs ** *** *** * Light DME
.5lb** * *** *** * wheat DME*
2 lb ** *** * *** * American Pale malt grain
.75 lb ** ** *** * Carapils/dextrin
.75 ** *** ** * ** flaked wheat
.5 * * * * * * * * * crystal 10L
.35 lb * * * * * * crystal 40L
.5 oz * * * * * * corn sugar

60 minute boil

I mashed the grains at 150º 45 minutes.


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Jan 22, 2009
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orange, ca
id guess your first reading is accurate. even though theres no kraussen on top of your beer, you still have fermentation going on within 24 hours, that is if you pitched viable yeast. by the way, dont open your fermenter to take samples until primary fermentation is estimated to be complete. you can introduce nasties into your brew and be very angry at the putrid flavor after a month of waiting. just relax, have a homebrew. it'll be fine. dont obsess about fermentation. your initial gravity reading was probably accurate.