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5 gallons of Saison from extract and Omega Saisonmonster yeast. Three weeks into fermentation, thinking one or possibly two more weeks until bottling. I don’t have temp control so it is currently fermenting at about 68 F. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  • Apricot, peach sour - 4 more weeks of aging!
  • Centennial Blonde - almost there, just waiting on the sulfur odor to mellow
  • Czech pils, just started active fermentation after a scary 36hr lag with tons of repitched 34/70
If you can buy or order Imperial lager yeasts, please do. I have a pilz that's conditioning now that was fermented w L13 Global. I pitched a fresh pouch and it took off in less than 8 hours at 57f. I've used dry lager yeast in the past and always crossed fingers and held my breath too many times.
I actually have 5 different beers fermenting as we speak:

Single Hop French Pilsner - 100% Barke Pilsner malt, W-34/70 yeast, Mistral hops and well water / Hop rate 8 gr/l / no dry hopping

Single Hop French Vienna Lager - 100% Barke Vienna malt, W-34/70 yeast, Aramis hops and well water / Hop rate 7 gr/l / no dry hopping

English Bitter - 92% Simpsons Golden Promise + 8% Simpsons Premium Caramalt, Lallemand Verdant yeast, Aramis, Mistral, First Gold and Amarillo hops ( German grown ) and well water / Hop rate 15 gr/l / no dry hopping

Session Golden Ale - 80% Weyermann Extra Premium Pilsner + 20% Simpsons Golden Promise, Lallemand Verdant yeast, Aramis, Mistral, Cascade and Chinook hops ( both Belgian grown from a farm ) and well water / Hop rate 15 gr/l / no dry hopping

West Coast IPA - 100% Simpsons Golden Promise, Lallemand Verdant yeast, Amarillo ( German grown ), Cascade and Chinook ( Belgian grown ) and well water / Hop rate 15 gr/l kettle and 12 gr/l dry hopping
I have 5 gallons of an IPA featuring centennial, cascade, and citra in my fermenter 1.25 days into it and the airlock smells incredible.

1.5 gallons of cream ale w/ Voss Kveik from my split batch of 3 gallons WLP080 & 1.5 gallons Voss
3 gallons of cider also fermented with Voss kveik
my fermentor is in the mini fridge getting ready for kegging, but inside the mini-fridge inclosed fermentor, is what i think is 0.996 FG beer....started with 1.061, got a BRIX of 5.1 at end of fermentation....

last batch with this classique yeast....i ended up wondering if it's just rebranded baker's yeast.... we'll see...
Franken-pumpkin ale- one roasted sugar punkin', fresh Ginger, no Mary Ann (this batch), freshly-grated nutmeg into conical last couple of days. 1.080 OG
Marzen - Fixing to move to Lagering stage.
Berliner Weisse - I fruited this one and it seems to have caught an infection from the fruit that I am pretty sure it Brett.
Farmhouse - Soured and fermented with bottle drags built up to pitch for fermentation.
Farmhouse - Fermented with Coast to Coast.
Farmhouse - Fermented with Belle Saison.

I will have a Belgian Dubbel in the fermenter this weekend.
How did that turn out? I have a pack of the fruit turbo yeast and i’m wondering about the taste it will make

wasn't too bad, if memory serves me. definatly better then the 24 hour turbo yeasts for sugar washes....it was good enough i used it a few times.....
After bottling today, all of my fermenters are empty for the first time in months. But I'm brewing tomorrow. Retirement is da bomb.

Must be nice... I have quite the opposite story. I only brewed twice in 2022. My fermenters have been empty most of the time for over a year now. I'm down to the last two kegs and they'd be long gone if I weren't rationing the last of my homebrew. I owe plenty of fine selections from the shelf's to the success of the rationing. But with each tap handle pull I fear the inevitable...

I hope to change that soon but time isn't on my side it seems.
17 Litres of Imperial Stout, sitting at 1.022 from 1.095 after 10 days.... dry hopped today with 25g Sabro for a touch of coconut, and have a 35cl bottle of white rum with 2 vanilla beans soaking ready for bottling.
Should be ready for my 50th in six months.:mischievous:
I hope to change that soon but time isn't on my side it seems.
Quite the contrary, if you take the long view. I got a basic brewing kit for my birthday in 1992. Got my first kid three weeks later. Then another kid. Then a move. Then another move. Then a job with a 90 minute commute. So the brewing hobby got postponed for several decades. Now I'm no longer limited by time, although I am still limited by space.
Nothing… We are getting ready to move so I’ve been depleting my kegs and getting ready to pack up the brewery from its custom built home and move to its new 1500 sq ft home in Southern Illinois. Got a home on an acre in the county. We’ve lived in Texas for 43 years built a career, learned to brew, a lot of memories. Going home to be near family. I’ll be back for the Bluebonnet Brew - Off.


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Fermenting right now:
  • Grodziskie (sitting at 1.005 and pretty much done, waiting on a keg to put it in)
  • CA Common
  • Ordinary Bitter
  • British Brown Ale
  • Cherry Hefeweizen
  • Split batch of fruited Belgian table beer, 1/2 blueberry, 1/2 passionfruit
  • Hana/Boadicea SMaSH
  • Rye Schwarzbier
4 gallons of a kinda strong light lager (my first time brewing a lager) that's about ready to bottle. And last night I started a gallon batch of apricot melomel. I'm using Jovaru yeast for the melomel; I've never tried it in a mead before. I'm hoping it ferments completely dry but still tastes just a little sweet like it does in beer.
My Timothy Taylor Landlord clone- 2.5 gallons for bottle conditioning. Fermenting with Verdant ipa yeast. 😋
Currently...25L of sanitiser solution, but hopefully by the end of Sunday it'll be the wort for a ~7.5% Hopfenweisse with 2oz each of Vic Secret + Necteron in the whirlpool. Yum yum.
An ale which could be a Belgian IPA for all I know. Maris Otter and crystal malt with Abbaye yeast. Racked on 2/4, and it's really ripping. Sitting in my kitchen.
Brewed a Bitter yesterday. 22 litres at 1.044OG. Using Lalbrew London English-Style dry yeast.
4.0 kg Maris Otter
0.25 kg Crystal Malt
0.05 kg Chocolate Malt

Hopped with Northern Brewer at start of boil and then Fuggles at 5 minutes from flameout. Target IBU of 39.