What's floating in my beer?

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Mar 6, 2010
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Hartford, CT
I transferred my beer into my secondary last Tuesday and added my dry hops (pellets in a mesh bag). I was going to bottle my beer today, when I noticed some strange white blobs suspended in it. I checked on it twice in between, and didn't notice them, only white sediment on the bottom. Here is a picture (sorry for the low quality, my main source of light was a flashlight).


Link to larger version

I didn't notice any strange smells, and the beer is otherwise still clear.

Any idea what it could be? What should I do?
usually if it smells good and tastes good the beer is good. i suggest retaking the pic with the lights on. your beer is not like a roll of film. ordinary house lights wont hurt it especially in the short amount of time it will take you to take the pic.

the blobs could be hops bits that got disturbed somehow. they will float up and down a little then eventually settle on the top.
i suggest retaking the pic with the lights on.

The lights were on, but there aren't any lights close enough to illuminate it enough

Might just be clumps of yeast.

I thought it might be, since the yeast I used is medium-low flocculation (wyeast 1056). Also, I forgot to add the whirlfloc tablet during boil. What should I do about it? Bottle anyway?
Okay, thanks! I wasn't too worried, but I wanted to see if there was an easy way to make it settle out. I guess I'll just avoid it with the siphon.

I tried to search for similar posts, but I didn't find any until I created this one and it listed the "similar threads" on the bottom. It's similar to this one (second photo), and my sediment on the bottom looks the same.

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