What will these random ingredients taste like?

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Apr 7, 2013
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I've been trying to get to my LHBS for a while, which is difficult because it's an hour away, they close at 6:00, and I work a lot. When I finally managed to get there the other day it was almost closing time, and I had multiple recipes I wanted to buy, but when I go inside I find out they are out of most of the ingredients I need. Especially the grain room which was pretty barren.

Well instead of being smart and trying to figure out what I can make with what they have available, I just start frantically making substitutions without having time to think about it or take notes about what I'm swapping with what, and by the time I leave I've lost track of my changes . My recipes are totally screwed up, what were supposed to be different styles ended up fairly similar due to the limited selection, and I don't know how to fix it since I can't remember exactly what I bought.

So now I'm considering just mixing everything together into one big high gravity ten gallon batch, so as not to waste multiple brew-days on this mess, and maybe I'll get lucky. Here's my best guess as to what I've got. I know the hops and base grains are right. The specialty grains are what I'm fuzzy on. The part I'm the least sure about is the types and amounts of crystal malts.

20 lbs maris otter
5 lbs US pale ale malt
3 lbs munich
2 lbs pale chocolate malt
1 lb crystal 20
1 lb cystal 80
1 lb 120
1 lb flaked barley

2 oz cascade
4 oz fuggles

White labs 002

What do you think?