what treatments would you suggest if using this filter?

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May 14, 2007
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Cedar Park, TX
i've been using this filter setup for a while with my brew water.


my water tastes wonderful now, absolutely tasteless. nothing really stands out in my water profile, pretty standard numbers. will this system filter out any necessary elements in my water? i've been having some slight off flavors in my beer, a slight kind of cardboard taste, even slightly sour at times. i feel that hot side aeration may play a part in that. i do all grain and i use 5.2 stabilizer in all of my mash water. my water ph is 7.3. any additions that you guys might recommend? i'm just getting interested in adjusting my water profile and could use any help. thanks.
Since it claims to be filtering other metals, I wouldn't be surprised if it strips calcium and magnesium as well. I'd get a sample of the filtered water analyzed.
Not to mention that in the whole website, there's no mention as to how it actually works other than to say water goes through the element. Sounds like a really expensive Britta filter. If you really want good tasting water, go with an RO unit. This will remove a lot of goodies from your water (unless your doing Pilseners) so you'll have to put some back in, but the water will be great. If your water tastes good now and you have control of the ph, I would assume the off flavors are coming from somewhere else. Focus your attention on other possible problems...[\2¢]