What to brew in a week?

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Oct 3, 2016
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Dublin, Ca.
Hey All,
I'm going to HomeBrew Con and I want to bring a keg, but due to scheduling, I would only have a week to get it in the keg and ready for transport. I've used Voss Kveik several times before and can produce a reasonable IPA in that time, but is there any other style/yeast I could use to do that? Would Notty work? Never used it before...

Sitting back and waiting for the fire... :ban:
Hefeweizen yeast gets the job done very quickly, and the beers are good young. To get further off the beaten path, make a dunkelweizen or a roggenbier.
English mild , you can use notty ... :bigmug: Low alcohol , malty , residual sweetness won't matter if it ain't quite done ... meant to be quick to cask/glass . good luck
Centennial blonde always works for me when i am in a pinch.
I've decided to do a Pilsner/Blond with Lutra and New Zealand hops. The kviek will allow me to get it in a keg the quickest and It'll get a week and a half to settle in...lol. Brewing tomorrow.... I'll report back in a week. Thanks!