What should I pick up on the way home?

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Mar 5, 2007
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So I'm trying to try out as many new beers as possible-we have a local liquor magaplex that has a ton of beers. I usually find myself in a quandry though-as I stare at the multitude of beers...I've also had a few duds (either not that greatto begin with-or maybe skunked). So I'm swinging by there tonight and am up for any suggestions. What should I try?

Favorite styles of late:
-Scotch ales and wee heavies
-Any Belgians besides Witbiers
-Imperial Stouts

if you haven't had Stone Ipa I'd recomend that. It will also depend where you are. So you might want to add a location to your profile.
Thanks-I've tried the Stone IPA-but none of those Belgians...sometimes I miss the days when a $6 12 pack of Beast Light or Red Dog did the trick (not really).
Also, while you are trying Belgians, try Duvel. Although it isn't a trappist, it used to be (Moortgaart bought the rights to brew the beer after the brewery closed IIRC).
The one that I've been getting on regular basis lately is "Mojo IPA" from Boulder Brewing - it's a dry hop only IPA - incredibly tasty. If you are a hophead at all give it a try.
Since nobody has hit the Scottish side, I will.

Belhaven St. Andrews Ale is the best commercial example of a Scottish 60/- or 70/- that I've found.
I picked up a few beers on my way home from work today.

Rodenbach Grand Cru (Flanders Sour Red Ale)
Duvel Belgian Golden Ale
St. Feuillien Tripel

I just finished the Grand Cru (it was my first tasting of it) and it was awesome! If you haven't tried it and you're a fan of Belgians you need to find a bottle. Can't speak for the other two, I'm going to try to limit myself to just one bottle a night so I get my money's worth.
gruntingfrog said:
Belhaven St. Andrews Ale is the best commercial example of a Scottish 60/- or 70/- that I've found.

Agreed-this one has actually gotten me on that kick-very yummy. Another REALLY good one is this from Highland BC in Asheville, NC (tried it while down there around Xmas):

Tasgall Ale

Our Scotch-style ale, named from Norse mythology, combines the heritage and tartan of our brew team. The roasted barley and chocolate malt lend a bold flavor to this delicious dark beer. Its increased hop level is a modest departure from a true Scotch-style ale. We hope you agree this is a beer worthy of the name Tasgall, "Cauldron of the Gods."

IBU: 27
Alcohol Content: 8% by volume
Hops: Sterling
I usually try to go for the seasonal releases first, then look to the year round offerings. I imagine most of the belgians will be ther in the spring summer and fall, so look towards the imperial stouts and the scottish ales and see if there are anything there you would like to try. I have really been taken back by Stoudt's Fat Dog (imperial oatmeal stout) and Victory Storm King (Imperial Stout) this year. I think the Victory is year round, but I am not sure of its distribution in your area.

Bellhaven is a great brew. If you can, get it.

Dogfish has the Chicory Stout out now, if you are in the mood for there type of experimental offerings. I seem to have fallen out of love with everything but 90 minute from them... Oh and they have released World Wide Stout, but it few off the shelves up here. If you get your hands on that, hold on to them.

Another good year round stout in my experience has been the Samuel Smith Oatmeal.

This is my favorate season for beer.
Definately Dogfish Head 60 and 90 minute IPA. If they have 120 grab all you can.
We planned our last vacation specifically so we could to their alehouse for IPA's and were lucky enough to have the 90 pumped thru Randall. I wanted to move there.

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