What should I do with these watermelons?

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Mar 27, 2022
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We were gifted watermelons twice by other people, and now I have two huge melons. We don't really eat a lot of fruit, and it's too much for two people.

What do you guys think I can make with these? Or will the juice be not enough and I should just give them away?

I love wines so I was thinking watermelon wine, but I have to order wine yeast (I'm in South Korea) and it won't arrive in time to be useful for these melons. I have beer yeast, I can order yeast nutrient and I have citric acid. But I just don't have any wine yeast on hand, and I'm worried the beer yeast won't make a decent wine.

But I've seen watermelon wheat on these forums, and I brew wheat beer weekly, so should I just try to do that? And does anyone have advice for making a watermelon wheat beer?
I had to resist the temptation to make a click-bait title like "Need help handling these two large melons"

But it's hard to write seriously about two large melons, haha.
I've seen several variations of these floating around. Not sure what you can get shipped/ have on hand
I say make your normal wheat beer, but cup up some watermelon and drop some chunks in. See how you like it first.

Also- where you are- is watermelon a harder to get delicacy? Or is it expensive? Here in California USA it is easily available 4 to 5 months of the year, and very very cheap.

Keep us updated with what you do!
Watermelons grow here! I have a few little ones growing in my trellis out back. But all fruit in the stores is quite expensive here. These watermelons are $20 each. But that said, the quality is usually better than anything I used to get back home. I might get almost a gallon of juice from these guys.
I would make a small batch radler if you can get a gallon of juice from it.

Something light like a Kolsch or Wheat Beer…half beer, half watermelon juice in the keg!

EDIT: I have made a lemon juice radler for Mrs. Sammy on two occasions with my Kolsch recipe and she loved it!