What point do you decide this is the best thing to do....

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Mar 4, 2007
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Pretty much the funniest turn of events ever....
Tiffany testified that she left her water bottle on her desk in the Newport Beach office on a Friday in January of last year. She said that when she returned the following Monday and drank from the bottle, she tasted what she believed to be semen.

“I had a hunch that’s what it was, but I wouldn’t dream in a million years that’s what it was,” she said.

After being transferred to the company’s office in Orange, the woman said she again tasted semen in her water last April 6. Up to that point, she had been more careful with her water, dumping it when she left, she said.

Tiffany testified she threw the water bottle away that January. But after the second time in April, she kept the fouled liquid and asked her fiancee put his semen in a water bottle to see if that’s what she had tasted at work.

“At the time, I had no idea how else to figure out what this was,” she testified.
Do you think she had a tasting panel?
I would probably just stop letting the bottle out of my sight, hidden cameras, get a new job, etc.

I mean, you have to testify to this in court (public record) to get the guy convicted I guess. But I sucks to have it printed all over the internet a long with a big picture of the woman. It was in poor taste for CBS to do so (pun intended).


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Mar 13, 2008
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That's an off flavor I wouldn't admit to knowing even if I was female